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Get Ready for Expo Pack Mexico – Product Spotlight

At Allen Field, we offer a variety of plastic handles, box connecting clips, and POP display aids that easily carry, attach, hang, and display, all while securing your products in an organized manner. Meet our Packaging Specialists at Expo Pack Mexico, and let us help you find the best packaging components. June 5-8, 2018, Expo Santa Fe Mexico, at Booth #3738, be there or be square!

Hi-Line Handle

As the newest member of the T series, the Hi-Line Flex boasts an intuitive design along with reinforced material where it matters the most. Featuring a sleek matte finish, this handle carries up to 65 lbs.

Low Rider Handle with Washer Discs

The Low Rider’s board-like design lays perfectly atop corrugated trays with a tuck flap lid.  Kitted with two washer discs, which come with adhesives to secure the washer discs to the corrugated, the handle securely carries up to 40 lbs.

PP902T, box connecting clip, Allen Field

PP902T Turn Lock Box Clip

This box clip is a system that locks together two corrugated panels. Simply insert the clip through the panels via corresponding die-cuts, then grasp the front crosspiece to turn and lock into place. We recommend to use the PP902T when there is minimal clearance inside the box to deploy typical paddle style connectors.

4 Inch Rotary Display Hook with Label Area

This hook is designed for hanging products on a corrugated display. Featuring a unique rotary locking mechanism and a label holder, it secures your products and delivers branding message, while optimizing space in a busy retail setting.

Scarf Ring and Tie Rider

Hangers for neck ties and scarfs are ideal for organizing neat displays. While providing customers durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, our POP hangers hold accessories securely in a store even with shopper handling.

Pant and Shirt Clips

Our Pant and Shirt Clips display garments in a professional manner by sliding onto the products and keeping them secure through transit and onto display.


Swivel Hand Tabs

The 544 and 545 Swivel Hang Tabs provide convenience for both display and shipping purposes. Delivering key functionality in two positions, they can stand upright for carrying and hanging or can lock into a folded position for stocking and shipping in master packs.

Snap Hangers

This hanger series features an easy snap function, enabling swift and neat assembly of displayed product while delivering security. Ideal for hanging home textiles and small clothing, the snap hangers can also be customized with your choice of colors and logo imprints.

Footwear Hangers

Allen Field’s shoe hangers provide a secure hold and deliver superior structural support to the footwear displayed. All may be customized to identify your essential brand and product information.



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Less Pollution is the Best Solution

With Earth Day approaching, environmental responsibility is on our mind. Supplying plastic components presents an opportunity to make a difference. We seek to break the cycle of single-use consumables. Optimizing natural resources will require multiple initiatives, here are a few ways we are doing our part:


Euro Pack Hook

Plastic made from Recycled Material

A variety of Allen Field components can be made with 100% recycled material. Check out the popular Euro Pack Hook, once secured to the product this hook is dependable and keeps your display organized. Request your free samples and quote today!

Biodegradable Plastic

A wide variety of Allen Field components are made with a biodegradable additive. This enables our products to break down in compost bins and landfills. Making recycling easier optimizes the potential of recovering material, ultimately reducing pollution. Feel good about disposing of your components after they have served their useful life.

Reusable Components

Box Flap Clip

Want to get the most out of the Allen Field products you use? Our handles, box clips, and many others can be used more than once, simply develop a reuse program to recapture them from consumers. Using our products in a warehouse? Our Box Flap Closure revolutionizes warehouse operations. Designed to pack, unpack, and repack a corrugated box, it eliminates the need for tape, staples, or strapping! Request your free quote and samples today!

Innovation is at the heart of Allen Field’s success. We are exploring the utilization of bio-based plastics in our products and are working with customers to make the most of the latest technology and science to deliver the best solutions.

Our Environmental Responsibility

To learn more about Allen Field’s environmental efforts and goals, check out our Environmental Responsibility Policy.





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History of the Elliptical

Elliptical Handle and Support Plate

This month, the blog is pressing rewind and taking you back to when we launched the revolutionary Elliptical Handle Series. The Allen Field Company first entered the handle business when it began selling the instantly successful Standard and Heavy-Duty Handle Series. Nevertheless, there was something missing in these two handle styles. Time and time again, our customers asked us for a handle option that was strong and reliable but didn’t compromise aesthetics. Simply put, they demanded style and strength.

The concept for the Elliptical came about after contemplating the success of our Standard Series. One of the best features of the Standard Series is the manner in which the handle fits comfortably in the user’s palm, no matter the length of the handle or the weight of the box. However, the harsher angles of the Standard and, especially, Heavy-Duty line, leave a box looking more utilitarian rather than sleek or stylish.

Enter the Elliptical’s ideal curvature and polished finish. The horizontal detailing in the handle’s grip visually elongate the handle, creating a more modern look overall. Since the Elliptical Series was brought to market in 2006, it has been the choice handle for consumer electronics, wine-in-a-box, bedding, small to medium kitchen appliances, salesmen kits, and toys. With 9 different lengths available and a carrying capacity as high as 100 pounds, you can rest assured that the Elliptical Handle will meet your exact project specifications.

The Elliptical Handle is easily customized. Add your logo for branding or ask about custom color options, including matte and metallic options.




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Leverage our Expertise to Deliver the Perfect Solution

Allen Field is a recognized industry leader in the design and supply of plastic components for the packaging and retail display industries. We inventory the largest variety of plastic handles, box connecting clips, small plastic hangers, and POP display aids. But did you know that Allen Field also provides affordable and quality-driven custom design, project management, and manufacturing services?

This month we’d like to share how our experience and network have combined to create comprehensive custom solutions for our customers over the years.

Imagine: your products are stored in master cases and those cases are opened and closed, numerous times, to fulfil orders. In this common scenario, we see fulfillers using tape to seal and re-seal master cases and complaining of two key issues: the time required to cut and reseal, and the wear and tear on the corrugated packs. Other existing solutions to clip box lids closed are too big, jam conveyer belts, and are often expensive; leading Allen Field to create the Box Flap Closure. This turnkey solution was designed to reduce cost and secure two box flaps in mere seconds. The color was chosen to address another complaint customers had with existing closures; if the closure happens to become dislodged from a pack, our Box Flap Closure is easy to spot, whether it be on the warehouse floor or in the pack itself. The Box Flap Closure is useful in Warehouse Automated Storage Retrieval Systems, Fulfillment Centers, and Inventory Management. Best part, it is easily transferable from box to box, making it a sustainable solution!

Let’s imagine another scenario: after your products are boxed in the production facility, they are inspected during transit, before reaching their final destination. During the inspection process, a package is unsealed, protective layers are removed, and then the product is repackaged.  The standard process may include box cutters, tearing of wrapping, protective packaging components scattering or being compromised. Instead, Allen Field brought the Rotary Locking Clip to market. Featuring an interlock system, this clip is installed through die cuts and then turned and locked into place. This clip secures the two joining boards and provides an easy system for opening and closing, as needed. Like the Box Flap Closure, the Rotary Locking Clip is reusable and can be installed or removed in seconds with no additional tools needed.

Here at Allen Field, we have built successful partnerships with customers based on our ability to quickly adapt and efficiently compete in the ever-changing global economy. We are not content with merely providing “off-the-shelf products”. We want to design a part for your project that helps it work better, cost less, and sell more; giving you the solution that optimizes value. Whether you require a small tweak in an existing component, a completely new design, or help in sourcing components, Allen Field has the experience, breadth, and depth of capability to come up with the best solution for your dilemma.

See how we can help you today by speaking with a team member at 800.225.0396 (US Only) or 631.665.2782.

Request a rep to reach out to you by filling out this form.



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Featured Products of 2018 West Pack

Join us at North America’s largest advanced design and manufacturing event, 2018 West Pack! Visit Allen Field at booth # 5321 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center, CA from February 6-8, 2018. Please take advantage of the promo code: SPECIAL to waive your admission fee plus get 20% off your conference pass! We look forward to seeing you and showcasing our latest innovations!

EZ Grip Handle for Poly Strapping

Poly strapping is a great accessory for corrugated cartons but not comfortable to carry from. The EZ Grip Handle is designed for poly strapping. Simply slide the strapping into the track and comfortably carry a package! This product accommodates multiple strapping sizes up to ½” thick.


PP800 Box Hand Hold, Allen Field

PP800 Hand Hole Protector for Corrugated Box

The PP800 is a two-part ellipse hand hole protector with a lightweight dust cover. It is easy to assemble and keeps dust, dirt, and moisture out of the package. This new hand hole protector is ideal for packages containing electronics, medical devices, and similar goods requiring an increase level of protection.


  • Economy Rotary Locking Clip

Economy Rotary Clip for Corrugated Container

Featuring an easy-grip and two lead-in tabs, the Economy Rotary Locking Clip joins two pieces of corrugated board together in a matter of seconds. Additionally, this small locking clip makes closing and reopening a package or master pack easier than ever. This interlock system is perfect for retail packaging, warehouse environments, and light industrial applications.


Rotary Display Hook for Corrugated Tray

If you are looking for the ultimate hook for counter-top PDQ trays or corrugated in-store display units, look no further! Available in 4”, 7”, and 10” arm lengths, Allen Field’s Retail Display Hook installs simply through a die cut and securely holds products while saving shelf space in a retail setting.


To learn more about the items mentioned above and our full line of innovative packaging components, stop by the Allen Field booth # 5321 at West Pack 2018, or call us today @ 800.535.0810!


Register Today! Use Promo Code: SPECIAL


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A Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year at Allen Field! Numerous new products were unveiled and we customized more solutions than ever before. This season is perfect for reflecting on all we have accomplished together in 2017 and we are excited to recap the new products that were launched this year! A special Thank You to all our customers who helped these products come to market and succeed. We look forward to all of the innovations the New Year may bring our way!

Hang Eze 300 Hook – Featured Product of the Month

Hang Eze 300 Display Hook

Hang Eze 300 Display Hook

The Hang Eze 300 is the latest addition to the Hang Eze family, which already includes the Hang Eze 200 and Hang Eze 500. As the name suggests, the 300 hook’s measurements fall between the 200 and 500 coming in at .84” wide and 2.19” in height. The 300’s wider and longer hook enables it to hang securely, not only on round display rods but also on rectangular display rods.


HP403 Single Wall Box Connecting Clip

HP403 Box Clip

Box connecting clips can be difficult to install in thin corrugated board since the walls tend to flex, making it difficult to close and lock the clip in place. To address this common challenge, Allen Field developed the HP403 – our first connecting clip with a fixed paddle, specifically designed for single-wall corrugated boxes. It features an interlock mechanism and extended stationary leg, which provide additional support and ensure quick installation. Allen Field is continuously updating our product lines to provide the best packaging components for our customers. Don’t hesitate to let us solve your packaging challenges today!

Hi-line Flex Handle

Hi-Line Handle

When you’re looking to communicate value through your packaging you don’t want just any handle, you want the Hi-Line Flex. The newest member of the T series, the Hi-Line Flex boasts an intuitive design along with reinforced material where it matters the most. The Hi-Line Flex features a sleek matte finish and carries up to 65lbs.

4” Rotary Hook

4″ Rotary Display Hook

This retail display hook is designed for hanging products on a corrugated display. Featuring a rotary locking mechanism and 4” long arm, this display aid securely holds products and saves shelf space in a retail setting. Installation is quick and easy, simply insert through the correct die cut and lock into place. This item is also available in 7″ and 10″.

Arc Clip

Arc Box Handle

Arc Handle

The Arc Clip is a protective hand hole designed for corrugated boxes whose contents require a dust-resistant environment. Featuring an inner panel that seals the contents, the clip can be quickly installed with an oval die-cut providing excellent resistance to dirt and dust.  This clip has been redesigned with a larger hand hole for added comfort. The Arc Clip is ideal for packaging electronic, medical, and similar goods requiring an increased level of protection.

Low Profile Hanger Tab

Low Profile Hanger Tab

Low Profile Hanger Tab

The Low Profile Hanger Tab is the newest addition to our specialty POP display accessory line. Measuring only .77 inches in height, this hanger tab secures your product to a display without distracting the shopper from the featured product. This hanger tab can be installed from the inside of the box or by sliding in each end. With no adhesive required, the Low Profile Hanger Tab will securely hold up to 5 lbs.

Slide-on Header Hook

Slide On Header Hook

Slide On Header Hook

Our Slide On Header Hook offers a new way to quickly secure a hook to a header card. Simply slide the header hook into the die cut, once “locked” it is virtually impossible for the hook to separate from the header card. In addition to its easy installation, this display hook for retail securely supports up to 5 lbs.

Coming soon: EZ Grip Handle & PP800 Box Connecting Clip

EZ Grip Strap Handle

PP800 Box Clip

Poly strapping is a great accessory for corrugated cartons but it is certainly not comfortable to carry from. Introducing the EZ Grip Handle for poly strapping. Simply slide the strapping into the track and comfortably carry your package out of the store! The EZ Grip Handle accommodates strapping up to .5″ thick.

Do you use an existing Allen Field product but require a custom tweak to make it fit your project perfectly? Meet the PP800. More and more projects call for a hand hole that offers additional protection for the contents of a package. Allen Field offers the ideal solution, the PP800. Based on the concept of our dependable Ellipse Hand Hole Protectors, the PP800 goes one step further by adding a lightweight dust cover to the mix. The dust cover comes attached to one half of the PP800, making installation seamless and delivering protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. Ideal for packages containing electronics, medical devices, and similar goods requiring an increased level of protection.


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Holidays & Handles

As we approach the holiday shopping season, we are reminded how imperative it is that a product be easy to locate and carry from the store, even as it sits on a shelf or as it stands alone on the floor. With only a few seconds to make a first—and lasting—impression, it is imperative that the customer feel comfortable picking up the product and envision themselves carrying it out of the store with ease. At Allen Field, we adhere to a simple truth: the easier something is to carry, the more likely a customer is to purchase it. With that in mind, Allen Field is happy to bring you a wide array of plastic handles to meet any and all of your packaging needs.

Our Elliptical Series is a favorite among our customers because of its sleek and sophisticated design. The Elliptical Series can accommodate packages up to 100lbs.

Elliptical Handle on Box

Elliptical Handle

The Swivel Series handles fold down when the handle is not in use and simply swivels upright to make your product easy to carry. Our Swivel Series is perfect for case-type packages and are often paired with our case locks.

Plastic swivel handle and case lock for box

Swivel Handle and Case Lock

Looking for a handle with a more creative touch? Check out our Decorative Series; the Bracelet Handle adds the perfect combination of style and strength to your package.

Allen Field decorative handles

Bracelet Handle

For packages on the heavier side, we strongly recommend pairing a handle with a washer disc or support plate. A common scenario our customers come to us with is that the boxes are ripping around the handle die-cuts when they lift or carry the package. This is a sure way to deter someone from buying your product! Support plates do not replace high quality corrugated but they do reinforce the integrity of the die cuts.

For more information on support plates and box handles, as well as on how Allen Field can help with your design and packaging needs, visit our website or contact us today!


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3 Vital Aspects of Packaging Design You Cannot Afford to Overlook

Whether you are in the consumer goods, online/offline retail, electronics, or food and beverage industry, packaging design is critical to your product’s success. It intersects with nearly every aspect across your supply chain and is one of the most effective ways to communicate branding and value. At Allen Field, we know there are many elements of packaging design that transcend industry boundaries. Over the years, Allen Field has mastered these universal packaging truths, enabling us to offer unparalleled packaging solutions that meet your exact project specifications, whether it be simple or custom and complex. We continue to be successful because we have mastered three vital aspects of packaging design:

1. Component Development

When an off-the-shelf component does not exist or meet your project specifications, our packaging designers take your requirements and create a solution that will work better, cost less, and drive your sales. We are constantly refining and enhancing our products to accommodate project needs and market trends. Inquire today to begin utilizing the experience of our team to quickly transform your vision from a concept to a reality.

Benefits include:

  • Collaborative consultation and reviews with key stakeholders to achieve all criteria
  • In-house 3D rendering
  • Exceptional design and development that ensure performance of product
  • Superior project management from conception to delivery
  • Continuous inventory management and product life-cycle management

2. Optimize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality

Unfortunately, many products are rushed into the market without determining latent costs and supply chain effectiveness. This is due to the reality that many businesses cannot afford, the money or time, to test and redesign their packaging every season or even every year. Allen Field excels at accommodating companies looking to find the best packaging solution, while also saving them time and money. Whether it is a small tweak to an existing component, a completely different material, or help with sourcing, we are not simply seeking the most economical option, we are looking across the entire supply chain to optimize cost-effectiveness and deliver sustainable improvements.

3. Value-Added Branding

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, packaging is one of the most effective tools in communicating the value of your product. Our packaging components add-value to your products by keeping your products neatly and securely displayed in stores. No one wants to pick through a messy display and you really never have to when your competitor is just across the aisle. Whether you need to hang, hold, stack, clip, support, protect, or carry a product, Allen Field can provide a component to keep your display in ideal shopping condition. Over the years, we have designed and developed a variety of POP display solutions, from hook hangers to in-store display units, to meet just about any and every business objective.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video below, in which Allen Field was identified as one of the game-changing companies that exhibited at Pack Expo Las Vegas this past September!



Allen Field is proud to be a recognized leader in the packaging industry for our design, manufacturing, and sourcing capabilities. Check out our case studies, which highlight some of our quality packaging and transportation solutions. Stay up to date with the lasted product developments by signing up for our newsletter by clicking here!


Open Hand Hold, Plastic Clean Lift

Case Study – Plastic Clean Lift

Connecting Clips for Computer Server

Case Study – Box Clips for Computer Manufacturer

Plastic Connecting Clip Adapter

Case Study – Plastic Connecting Clip Adapter











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6 Reasons Your Packaging Needs Connecting Clips!

1. Connect Multiple Corrugated Walls

PP902T Box Clip

PP902T attaching a box to the tray

PP902T Box Clips

The simplest and safest way to connect multiple corrugated walls is with a sturdy box connecting clip. Allen Field offers box clips that accommodate wall thicknesses of up to 1 inch. Our clips vary in styles, from rotary locking to simple snap and lock.

2. Attach Covers to Bottom-Trays

box connecting clips, box with clips, Allen Field

HP601D Box Clips

large TV box with the HP601WA box connecting clips

HP601WA Box Clips

A sure-fire way to transport cabinetry, electrical appliances, or large TVs is with a cover and tray style corrugated packaging. No more straps and tape; just use a stylish box clip to enhance your packaging!

3. Act As Skid Joint – PP400WL

Yes, pallets are solid and rigid, but to ultimately end up at the destination without damage, they must be properly loaded and packed. Use our PP400WL as skid joints to secure loads and prevent any shifting during transport. The box clips can be easily stapled / nailed to the pallet and removed intact for re-use and inspection purposes.

box connecting clips, box with connecting clips, Allen Field

Skid Joint for Corrugated Box

4. Provide Hand-Holes for Carrying

PP800 Box Hand Hold, Allen Field

Protective Hand Holds

PP606, hand hold protector, Allen Field

Open Hand Hold Protectors


Box hand-holes make transporting easier for carriers. Our Hand-Hold Protectors provide reinforcement to the die-cuts and eliminate box damages from carrying. They are perfect in professional and home office environments or for personal moving, because most importantly, they protect your hands by covering sharp edges of the die-cuts.


5. Create Reusability to Corrugated Packaging

Allen Field Box Connecting Clip, turn to lock

Rotary Locking Clip

At Allen Field, we understand how important it is to maintain integrity of corrugated packaging for industrial and commercial applications such as storage, moving, and POP environment. Our connecting clips make closing and reopening the package a breeze. In addition, most of our clips are reusable and can be reassembled in just a few seconds.

6. Secure Contents

Arc Handle, clips for plastic corrugated box, Allen Fielld

Arc Protective Hand Hold Clip

tamper-evident box clip, Allen Field

HP602WL Box Clip

Designed for carrying corrugated boxes whose contents require an increased level of protection, the Protective Hand Holes not only enables carrying ease but also prevents dust and debris from entering the box during transportation. Featuring a recessed inner panel sealing the contents inside, the Arc Clip can be quickly installed with an oval die-cut. When travel security is most important for your package, choose a Tamper Evident Clip. Our box clips are ideal for the packaging of electronic, medical, and similarly sensitive goods.


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Allen Field’s Slide Hooks Grab Attention and Drive Sales

A product—no matter how good it is—can’t always sell itself. When a customer walks into a store, your product must capture their attention. At Allen Field, we understand that retailers need a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and striking. Over the years, Allen Field has designed and developed a variety of POP Display solutions to meet every business objective.

Allen Field’s POP Display Aid selection is unparalleled. In terms of in-store displays, sometimes simplicity really is the best option. Our slide hook series offers the perfect balance of minimalism and modernity – exactly what draws in customers in today’s market.

The 30750 Header Slide Hook measures 1.69″ x 1.11″ and is great for hanging men and women’s socks, tights, and hosiery, among other things. Its slim arm allows it to easily slide in and out of corrugated or plastic display while keeping the package visible and aloft.


The 30702 Slide on Header Hook is new to our Hook Hangers line of POP display aids, offering a new way to quickly secure a hook to a header card. In addition to being easy to fasten, this hook supports up to 5 lbs. Once fastened, it is virtually impossible for the hook to separate from the header card.


Looking for something more environmentally conscious? Our 30735 Euro Pac-Hook is made of 100% recycled materials! The Euro will display your product securely and professionally while also making the package aesthetically appealing to better grab the attention of potential customers. Now, this item is available in multiple colors. Pick a color or send us your custom request to complement your branding strategy.

We are excited to assist you with all your packaging needs. To learn more about how Allen Field products can add value to your packaging and displays, contact us!


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