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You Can’t Afford to Pass Up the Benefits of Prototyping!

Custom Project, created by Allen Field, 2019

Engineers utilize many tools in order to conceptualize a product that is attractive and functional. Advanced software and rapid prototyping are key technologies that help designers save time and money. The widespread availability of specialized design and simulation software in conjunction with 3D printing has led to products getting to market faster with fewer design defects and lower development costs.

3D computer-aided design software has become commonplace, thus enabling engineers to directly create their ideas in a virtual environment. Modern CAD software has advanced beyond simple modeling and now integrates manufacturing simulation, finite element stress analysis, rendering tools, drawing tools, and animated motion analysis abilities. Field specific to plastic injection molding, there are specialized programs to simulate part and mold design to anticipate defects and abnormalities. Draft angle requirement, part thickness, feature replication, plastic flow, shrinkage, and much more can all be evaluated before the design is taken out of the digital space. Modeling software can optimize designs through iteration for perfect product replication in high volume manufacturing.

Once digital optimization has taken place, realizing a physical object is equally as crucial. The “feel” of a product is very important and virtually impossible to replicate in software, but 3D printing bridges the gap. Eliminating the need for premature and costly tooling, 3D printing enables product designers to analyze the ergonomics and integrate a 3D prototype into other components for a comprehensive analysis. Any changes that may be needed can be quickly updated and a new 3D prototype can be printed immediately. Once the print is initiated, the 3D printers are completely autonomous; freeing up the designer’s time to multi-task! Moreover, advances in additive manufacturing have enabled highly accurate prints to be created in a wide array of materials.

After tooling is made it can be very expensive to make alterations if the desired alteration is even possible. By using rapid prototyping and similar advanced design techniques, you can drastically lessen the possibility of major and costly alterations or redesigns. Thus, eliminating redundant costs, saving time, and capitalizing on the efficiency of your resources.

At Allen Field, we utilize all these tools to create high-quality custom injection molded parts for our customers. With over 30 years of custom design experience, Allen Field delivers superior service at every stage of the design process from inception to prototyping to sourcing materials. We will work with you to find something in our product line that fits your needs, or we will create a unique solution just for your application. Contact us today to speak with one of our product experts and learn what Allen Field can do for you!


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Pack Expo – New Product Spotlight!

We are looking forward to Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas! Are you ready for the largest packaging expo? With over 2,000 exhibitors at the show, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the packaging industry. Over the last year, Allen Field has helped many customers define packaging problems and find solutions. We are excited to bring these innovative solutions to all Pack Expo attendees for the very first time!

1. Endless Possibilities for Pegboard Displays

Allen Field created the Pegboard Fastening Clip to enable retailers to arrange the hook positioning on a pegboard display without limits. The clip provides quick and easy installation since no tool is needed and the clip always keeps the proper spacing between the pegboard and display frame for the hook fingers.

2. Simple Packaging & Create Movable Displays

Allen Field has developed and patented a line of display wheels and casters that easily attach to corrugated packaging and displays. The modular socket and caster eliminate the need for pallet jacks or other tools! With our wheel system, easily wheel a heavy display unit or container around a store, warehouse, or in transit. This system can also help reduce lifting injuries in the workplace!

3. Transcend Carrying Capacity of Plastic Handles

If you are looking for a modern handle that can carry 100 lbs. or more, look no further! The 8.5” Super Duty Handle features a flat profile with enhanced strength derived from sophisticated molding techniques. With a 125 lbs. proven holding capacity, this handle is the only choice for your most demanding packaging needs! Add even more value to this handle by customizing it with PMS color matching and your logo!

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has solidified our reputation as a leader in plastic packaging components. Whether you utilize our new Wheels or the Super Duty handle, you will be adding value to your packaging and improving the consumer experience. To see these new products and to learn from our packaging experts, be sure to stop by the Allen Field booth (#US-8406) at Pack Expo from September 23-25, 2019. Register for free with our special promo code 83T42. We look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas!



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Automation in the Packaging Industry


The industrial sector is seeing great advances as automation revolutionizes the way manufacturers produce and package products. The utilization of these new technologies ultimately improves productivity, reduces labor cost, and increases overall safety of the workplace. The laborious and repetitive steps required in packaging is an ideal scenario for automation applications. To meet growing demand, CMC Machinery developed a corrugated box assembly machine that autonomously bends and assembles flat corrugated fanfold cartons. Their automation process can also fill the box, attach shipping labels, and add custom designs onto the plain corrugated. CMC asserts that their automated production line can produce 15 boxes per minute.

While traditional direct input automation has become more commonplace in the industry, the next step in innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence and complex software into these processes. In a typical packaging line, once a product is packaged, it then must be shipped. For industries with large orders of identical products, these individual boxes will usually be palletized. PalletizeUR is a breakthrough product that tackles this task by utilizing automation. What’s truly innovative is their hardware and software. The robot is self-contained, can be moved with a pallet jack, only requires a pneumatic connection and a power source. This is complemented by the complex software that enables the PalletizeUR to automatically palletize any box type in any configuration set by the user.

With the increase in complexity of automation, there is a noticeable and necessary shift toward digitalization. As more sensors are utilized and more is being asked of the technology, a larger amount of data must be processed. That data can ultimately be stored and analyzed to improve process efficiency in the future. Internet connectivity and AI bring packaging lines closer and closer to a zero-downtime state where production is maximized. Furthermore, new AI implementation has begun to predict machine wear and determine when periodic maintenance is needed. This enables the AI to monitor whether the machines are wearing abnormality and thus notify users. There is a growing body of research on “deep learning” AI, specifically in which the program is given only a few parameters and then teaches itself how to perform through trial and error. The packaging industry will greatly benefit from the use of automation and AI, which will make previously cost-prohibitive and physically injurious tasks possible.

Allen Field develops its packaging components with these challenges and technologies in mind. Currently, our product development team is working on a handle that can be employed on a fully automated production line. A lot of these new technologies are only beginning to be integrated into the packaging industry but Allen Field is committed to providing solutions that meet these changing demands. Want to learn more about Allen Field’s packaging solutions? Reach out to a packaging expert today by calling us at 1.800.535.0810 or email Be sure to sign up for our newsletter here to stay up to date on the latest Allen Field news.


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Counterfeit Mitigation

In today’s global market, counterfeiting is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Counterfeit items have a large impact on the end user, the companies in the production supply chain, and the manufacturer. Counterfeit items account for an approximate loss of $200 billion in revenues annually for American businesses and about 2.5 million jobs have been eliminated due to “black markets” (Levin, 2009). Often, these imitations have not undergone the same testing that the legitimate products have and pose a greater risk to the wellbeing and safety of the end user. This risk to the end user compounds the impact upon the company with lack of continuity and increased variance amongst packaged units. When one business unit cuts corners by using counterfeit components, corporate risk skyrockets! With the widespread use of the internet, it has never been easier for counterfeit products to enter the supply chain and ultimately end up in the hands of consumers. It is important for all players, from suppliers to consumers, to know the important role that they play in counterfeit mitigation through due diligence, awareness, and notification.

Due diligence within the distribution and manufacturing supply chains can be a strong and effective tool in combatting the propagation of inauthentic products. To combat supply chains from becoming infected with counterfeit components, it is best to only deal with trusted and reputable suppliers. Doing this can alleviate the risk of counterfeit products being supplied and can avoid the parts being over-produced and subsequently sold on the “black market”. Taking responsibility in managing your supply chains is an integral step in preventing the distribution and use of sub-standard products. Additionally, companies should scrutinize the products that are received from their suppliers. Quality, logo, and other distinct features should all be present during the initial inspection. If there is any doubt to authenticity or you encounter another company selling counterfeit Allen Field Co. products, we urge you to contact us either by email at or by calling 1-800-225-0396.

Counterfeiting is a serious challenge that poses deep economic and social impacts. However, when manufacturers, suppliers, and customers work in conjunction with one another, we can mitigate the adverse effects that counterfeiting has on the economy and society. Internal and external communication is key. Always be aware of the potential for this to occur by identifying possible vulnerabilities and being proactive in adapting company policy to address them and lessen the risk.


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Frustration-Free Packaging, Here’s What & Why

In today’s e-Commerce world, packaging must grab consumers’ attention, as well as meeting sustainability goals. With the consumer and environment in mind, Amazon has mandated that all its vendors that ship items larger than 18” x 14” x 8”, or heavier than 20 lbs., use certified Frustration-Free Packaging, beginning August 1, 2019.

What does FFP mean to buyers and sellers? Generally, FFP means that products are shipped in packages that are made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and designed to protect their products without an additional shipping carton. The FFP program will appeal to customers while benefiting sellers in the following aspects:

1. Lower Cost & Lower Price

FFP lowers the seller’s total cost by reducing packaging materials, labor, waste, and transportation across the entire supply chain. Thus, enabling the seller to pass on these cost savings to the consumer.

2. Less Time & Less Struggle

On average, a traditional package takes up to 11 minutes to open and requires scissors, blades, or teeth. However, a frustration-free package takes less than 50 seconds and requires no additional tools, minimizing the time it takes for the consumer to get their hands on their purchase. FFP’s easy-to-open design also helps manufacturers save time during assembly, which often requires repeated opening and closing of containers as they move from one workstation to another.

3. More Protection & More Satisfaction

Certified FFP must pass a series of lab tests to prove its superior functionality, whereas regular packaging doesn’t have to undergo any standard testing. The more protective packaging ensures the products arrive intact and undamaged. The seller can rest assured that the buyer is satisfied with their purchase, decreasing returns due to product/packaging damage.

At Allen Field, we provide customer-centric packaging solutions to meet our clients’ most significant challenges and opportunities. Many companies have utilized Allen Field products to meet their high packaging standards. As the industry progresses, so does Allen Field. We are ready to supply you with FFP packaging components. Our Connecting Clips are designed to make access and removal of the box contents easier and faster, reducing the waste of packaging material and eliminating the need for strapping, staples, and sharp tools that cause damage to the package and products inside. Utilizing durable materials and bio-degradable additives, we design every part to be reliable and efficient thought out its life cycle. We look forward to working with you to develop new FFP solutions and further extend our product offerings to meet the new demands related to e-Commerce shipping!

Allen Field Economy Rotary Clip

HP403 Single Wall Box Connecting Clip

HP403 Single-Wall Box Connecting Clip

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Over 100 New Products Available!

They say time flies when you are having fun. Well then, we’ve been having a lot of fun with our exciting new product line since we acquired the American Handle Company in May 2018! Our offerings now extend to include portable case and electronic equipment handles, hardware for industrial carrying cases, and musical equipment case components. Customers can choose from the Flat or Post Handle Series, in molded or extruded plastics, with or without steel reinforcement, covered or customized hardware, to enjoy the unique yet timeless luxury.

184-5050 Flat Handle

305-1114 Post Handle

One of the bestselling Flat Handles, the 184-5050, is made of virgin vinyl and complimented by the sleek nickel caps that cover the mounting hardware. The strong spring steel insert assures the handle’s reliability for the duration of the product’s life.

The 305-1114 Post Handle represents a timeless appearance in this handle series. Made from virgin polyethylene and contoured to create a comfortable carrying experience, this handle assembles easily and fits various applications.

44333 Drawbolt on Musical Instrument Case

44333 Drawbolt in Plain Steel

Built to last, the 44333 Drawbolt is a sturdy guarded surface-mount latch with a crimped wire loop and three rivet holes. Available in a variety of finishes, as well as plain steel. This drawbolt is ideal for various applications, such as musical instrument cases and industrial cases.

In addition to all standard styles, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to special colors, finishes, lengths, and hardware combinations. From brass/nickel plating to black oxide, and mid/heavy duty draw action to wide/narrow lid usage, we have the capability to make the perfect handle and hardware that fit virtually any requirement in the portable case and electronics field. Empowered with hand craftsmanship and high-speed production, Allen Field is looking forward to delivering the finest products from our hands to yours, in the most reasonable timeframe. Check out over 100 new products now!


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3 Reasons Why You Need A Specialized Handle

When 33% of American shoppers admit they base their perception of a company on the product packaging, it is vital to communicate the value of your product with customized packaging. Whether you need to hold, support, carry, or transport a product, Allen Field has the right handle to enhance the look and performance of your packaging. If you’re using one standard handle for everything you sell, consider the following:

1. One Design Doesn’t Fit All

Products vary in size, shape, and weight. If you package each product in a special box, you probably need a specialized package handle for it too. Besides a large selection of standard handles, Allen Field provides specialized carrying solutions that engage the material, engineering, and molding techniques, to meet every aspect of your packaging requirement. Whether it’s ergonomic or heavy duty, you can rest assured that your package is secured and protected during transportation and your customers are comfortable and satisfied when carrying your product out of the store.

With new brands entering the market daily, it’s more important than ever that your brand stands out among the rest. Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, you don’t want to miss any opportunity to promote and differentiate your brand. Customize any of our standard or specialty package handles with your company’s logo, name, or color scheme. This extra effort will not go unnoticed at the Point-of-Sale and will enhance the customer’s overall experience with your brand long after the sale is completed.

3. Stand Out From the Competition

In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, strategic packaging is one of the most effective tools in identifying your business. Our packaging components add value to your products by offering both functionality and aesthetics. Using signature colors and eye-catching patterns on a handle is a great way to grab attention and stand out in a crowd of competitors. From glitter finishing to luxury vinyl, and PMS matching to pattern dipping, Allen Field has the capability to make a plastic package handle that aligns with your branding message across a multitude of product categories!

Check out our latest customized package handle below, which we recently produced for an outdoor & hunting product manufacturer. What began as our original Plastic Bucket Handle was quickly transformed after it was hydro dipped in a carefully crafted camouflage pattern. Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Call us today at 800.225.0396.


Camouflage Handle for Hunting Accessories



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Integrated Solutions for Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) has proven itself to be an effective way to quickly restock, display, and sell products. As more and more retailers request SRP systems for their stores, Allen Field’s engineering team collaborates with many brands and packaging designers to help achieve results through packaging innovation.

A typical SRP box is composed of two parts: an illustrated printed bottom tray that displays merchandise in a retail environment, and a labeled sleeve that displays essential information and protects the products during transportation. Our Economy Rotary Clip is our newest solution for creating a shelf-ready display in a matter of seconds! Designed to be utilized on tray and sleeve cartons, as well as on top-tuck-flap boxes, this clip delivers a secure fit during shipping and simplifies assembly at the point-of-sale with no tools required! This video shows the simple and seamless interlocking system in action.

In addition to creating shelf-ready displays, our proprietary line of Box Clip is stocked full of solutions that simplify corrugated packaging. These durable and reusable clips provide easy access to box contents in a busy warehouse and fulfillment environment. Every aspect, including the packaging, should ensure your product is brought to market efficiently. At Allen Field, we designed our box clips with shipping convenience and merchandising readiness in mind to deliver the best solution!


Economy Rotary Clip




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Carry, Convey, Design, & Brand

At Allen Field, we design packaging components to meet both functional and aesthetic goals. When a project calls for a packaging component, such as a handle, connecting clip, or display aid, Allen Field presents not a single option but a variety of options. By far, the most popular packaging component in packaging design today is the handle. Since our first handle series was launched in 1960, we have made it our mission to delivery handles that are of the highest quality and optimal functionality while presenting the opportunity to further promote your brand!

Standard & Heavy-Duty Handles

This handle series is ideal for small to medium sized cartons. On one end you have the 6.5” Heavy Duty Handle, which is often used on cartons packaging small appliances, sample cases, book storage boxes, and consumer electronics. When your project demands higher carrying capacity, the solution is our new 8.5” Super Duty Handle, which boasts a 125 lbs. carry capacity. The Super Duty is commonly used in packaging designs for heavy appliances and larger consumer electronics. All the handles in this series can be customized with your company’s logo and PMS color.

T Series Handles

The T Series’ iconic design provides larger surface area, increasing the handle’s hold on the inside of the carton. The Escort Handle is perfect for carrying boxed pet foods, gardening supplies, and sporting goods. The Flex Handle carries up to 45 lbs., enabling the comfortable carrying of computers, liquid containers, and housewares. To prevent damage to the die cuts, be sure to order Support Plates for heavier packages.

Decorative Handles

The Double Braid Handle and Bracelet Handle are often spotted on shirt and hat boxes, dry cleaning boxes, and light glassware packages. The Rope Handles, available in 9”, 12”, 15” and 18” lengths, are suggested for fruit and vegetable boxes, harvesting packages, and houseware cases.

Swivel Handles

The Euro Swivel, Swivel Easy Lock, and Soft Touch handles are designed for suitcases, sales and sample kits, games, and reusable packaging. These handles come with the locking tabs, but don’t forget to check out the Support Bar to make installation even easier.

Be sure to ask our knowledgeable packaging experts which handle can meet your project specifications and deliver the design and function that Allen Field projects are known for! Check out the Washer & Support Plates Guide for a quick reference on choosing the correct Washer Disc or Support Plate for the handle you like! Request free samples today!



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Product Spotlight for West Pack 2019

For over 70 years, Allen Field has been helping customers hang their products with innovative and functional POP display aids, including clip hooks, hook hangers, hang tabs, and display arms. On February 5-7, 2019, you can meet our Packaging Specialists who will be attending West Pack at booth #5417. Come by to see our extensive product offerings and our newest innovations.

Slide On Header Hook: Slides onto header cards from the top and holds up to 5 lbs.

Euro-Pack Hook: One of our most popular items! This hook is easy to install and keeps your display organized for consumers. This item can be made from 100% recycled material.

Header Slide Hook: Featuring a slim arm for quick assembly to either paperboard packaging or poly bags.

Low Profile Hang Tab: Secures a product to a display without distracting consumers from the featured product and holds up to 5 lbs.

Swivel Hang Tabs: We currently offer three Hang Tab designs, which, once installed, all fold down for shipping convenience and display readiness. At the West Pack, Allen Field will be unveiling the newest product in this series, the Super Duty Hang Tab!

Rotary Display Hooks: Designed for hanging products on corrugated displays, these retail display hooks securely hold merchandise and save shelf space in retail stores. The hooks accommodate boards from .17” to .21” thick and are available in 4”, 7” and 10” arm lengths. Try our all-plastic version for lighter merchandise or our metal arm version for additional strength.

Merchandise Strip: Designed to keep merchandise securing during transportation for quick display in stores. Perfect for snack displays and other impulse buys.

Corrugated Shelf Clip: Enables corrugated displays to be shipped flat and assembled quickly at the point of sale. Utilize this item to construct the perfect merchandiser!

Our POP Display Aid product line offers many cost-effective options for hosiery, apparel, header card displays, and more. Most POP Display Aids can be made in custom colors and with your logo! Speak with our packaging experts to find a solution that is durable, versatile, and aesthetic. Got a display project? Call us today at 1-800-225-0396.



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